Folk Toys With Mors Koshanski DVD


Folk Toys with Mors Kochanski 70 minutes
Mors Kochanski is truly a wood crafter and wilderness artist.  Viewers will recognize Mors as an enthusiastic, experienced author and instructor who has devoted a lifetime to the study, research and practice of his craft.
Learn whipping and the making of an end nock and other techniques. Learn how to create:
Whimmy Diddle, Willow Whistle, 2 Hole Willow Whistle, Bull Roarer, Dandelion Stalk, Reed Whistle, Slide Trombone, Whistle Pop Gun, 3 Hole Penny Whistle (Cow Parsnip), Cow Parsnip Recorder, Cow Parsnip Bugle, Cow Parsnip Containers and Other Uses Cow Parsnip Pan Pipe, Throwing Arrow, Tin Whistle