Hot Tenting Winter Camping Introduction - October 26-27, 2024, $250


If you and your family wants to experience what it is like to go winter camping in a canvas hot tent with a wood stove, then this is the weekend for you.

We supply all the instruction and gear, and you supply the family or friends.

What to Expect: 

  • Saturday Morning and Afternoon:  Our instructors will take all the participants through site selection, tent setup, stove setup, cots, mattresses, and sleeping gear, utilizing FOUR different styles of canvas tent styles(Shackleton Tent, Internal Frame Wall Tent, External Pole Wall Tent, and External Frame Campfire Tent).
  • Everyone will collect and process stove wood for the tents - lessons in saw use, ax use, and firewood selection included.
  • Instruction on wood stove management, cooking on wood stoves(boiling water, etc.), and wood stove safety.
  • Instruction on finding safe water, melting snow, ice chisels, and chipping holes in ice for water.
  • Saturday Evening and Overnight:  Each tent group will spend the night in the tent under the supervision of our instructors.
  • Discussion on managing the stove through the night, bathroom breaks, challenges and surprises.
  • Sunday Morning:  Debrief the overnight experience
  • Discussion on clothing systems, sleep systems, purchasing hot tents and stoves.
  • Sunday Afternoon:  Take down tents and stoves and pack up camp
  • Finished by 3pm

Maximum Participants:  

  • Three Family's or Three groups of up to four people.
  • And One Family or Group of up to six people

Participant Pre-experience:

  • No prior winter camping experience is required for this trip.   However, experience with warm season camping is highly recommended.
  • A positive attitude and a willingness to help with camp chores for the well being of the entire group is recommended. 
  • Chores include gathering and processing firewood, walking on varied terrain, and some moderate lifting.

What Age Is Suitable For This Weekend?

  • 1-4 yrs - Not recommended - However, you can make it work with our Cabin Rental Option below.
  • 5-10 yrs - Suitable for winter camping with strong parent involvement and interaction.
  • 11 yrs and up - A great age to start winter camping in a safe and controlled setting like this course.

Cabin Rental Option (For families/friends who are a bit unsure about winter camping)

  • For families or friends who are concerned or unsure if they will manage the winter camping experience, you have an option to rent one of our cabins(we have 3) in case some of your family or group decides to stay in the comfort of a heated cabin, while others gain the full winter camping experience in the hot tents.
  • There is an extra charge for the cabin rental.  Please call, email, or see website for rates.

What is Provided:

  • all group gear, including tents, stoves, tools, first aid, and firewood
  • all activities take place on our property with heated washrooms, campfire pit, hot tub, and trails.
  • a complete gear list will be sent out when you register for the trip

What you Provide:

  • all personal gear - clothing, sleeping bag, personal items, snowshoes, medications.
  • You are responsible for your own meals.  Cooking options:  Campfire Pit or Wood Stoves in the tents.  We will be happy to help you plan and execute your meals if you like.
  • a complete gear list will be sent out when you register for the trip. 

Please contact us if you have and questions or want additional information.