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Paddle Canada Canoe Certification Courses - Learn to be skillful and safe on our rivers and lakes. Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

Join our acclaimed Bushcraft Canoe Trips - River Canoe Skills, Bushcraft Skills, Hunting, and Fishing, rolled into one grand adventure.

Hire our Guides - design your custom lake or river trip with our guides, gear, and safety measures.

Rent our Canoes, Tents, and Equipment - We have 24 tandem canoes, tents for up to 20 people, and all the paddling gear you need for a trip of a lifetime.

Moving Water Tandem Canoe Skills - Intro Course

June 7 to 9, 2024

Cost $300

The best course for making the transition from paddling lakes to rivers and rapids.

Moving Water (River) Tandem Canoe Skills - Refresher

July 20, 2024

Cost $80

This day trip on the Athabasca River is for anyone who has participated in our Intro Moving Water Canoe Skills Course in the past 10 years.

It is also for anyone who has some Class I river experience, and wants to have a fun day of paddling and reviewing basic moving water skills.

Moving Water Tandem Canoe Skills - Intermediate Course

August 31 to September 2, 2024

Cost - $350

This exciting course takes your skills up a notch from Class I rivers to confidently and safely paddling Class II rivers.

Athabasca River Classic Canoe Daytrip

Book a trip June to September

Cost $70 to $90

Our most popular day trip for groups who want to experence a wonderfully scenic, beginner river.

Custom Adventures

Nearly 90% of our courses and trips arise from groups and individuals contacting us, and hiring us specifically for their needs. 

We would like to build a custom adventure for your group

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Canoe Adventures

Canoe Adventures

Canoe Adventures

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Custom River Trips
Perfect trips for groups, staff, schools, or families.
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2022 Courses and Guided Trips 
Here are our exciting plans for 2022: 

Moving Water Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem $300 - June 3-5, 2022

Repeat participants discount fee of $250

Paddle Canada Sanctioned Course

   Athabasca River near Blue Ridge, AB

This 2.5 day course is for participants who want to make the transition from paddling on lakes to paddling on introductory class I rivers.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the principles of moving water, boat control, and safety.  We will introduce the canoeist to many of the fundamental skills, knowledge, and maneuvers of canoeing white water. The nature of class I rapids provide a friendly and safe environment to teach and learn the fundamentals of canoeing Moving Water before venturing into larger white water situations.

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Athabasca River Classic Canoe Trip
Various Dates Through Summer 2022

Description:  Paddle a canoe on the incredible Athabasca River near the Hamlet of Fort Assiniboine (1.5 hrs Northwest of Edmonton, AB). Make sure to bring a camera, as on this trip you will likely see an abundance of wildlife in some of Alberta's remote wilderness. Using a Canoe as your vehicle, stop and play on the beautiful cliffs and sand bars along the way.  In warm weather we may enjoy a swim at Walleye point and if time allows, we can top off the trip with a scenic visit to Historic Fort Assiniboine and enjoy a visit to the museum and largest wagon wheel and pick in the world.
Madawaska River

  Sunset Canoeing on Thunder Lake (10 minutes drive West of Barrhead, AB)

Various Dates through 2022.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for dates.  (Nature Alive)

We meet at the Thunder Lake Boat Launch $20 per person Experience the serenity and beauty of the Sunset by Canoe on Thunder Lake. Weather permitting, we see the sunset and bright moon over the lake as we paddle our canoes along the shore at a leisurely pace.  If there are heavy overcast skies and rain, the event will be cancelled. Tandem canoes, paddles, PFD's and safety equipment will be provided.  We also have one large Voyageur canoe that will accommodate 8 paddlers.  Certified and experienced guides will lead the group and organize paddlers.  A waiver will need to be signed by all participants.



2022 Athabasca River Bushcraft Canoe Trip


Date for 2022 coming soon.

Cost: $840 CDN (includes tax)

Bushcraft Skills, River Paddling, Hunting, Fishing, Traditional Camping

Inspired by the Fur Traders and Voyageurs of Canada’s wild rivers, and paired with wilderness living skills passed down by legendary survival instructor – Mors Kochanski.

Description:  Join our certified instructors for 5 days of bushcrafting and paddling skills on the Athabasca River.  Combine essential river canoeing skills with traditional bushcraft skills to elevate your outdoor knowledge and experience to an exciting new level.  Experience Canada’s wilderness the way it was meant to be experienced – in a loaded canoe, hunting, fishing, and camping as we travel downriver learning and practicing timeless woodsman skills. 

Learning Outcomes:
Paddle a traditional fur trade river while learning numerous paddling strokes and maneuvers that increase your river paddling competency and skill. Become knowledgeable on loading and outfitting a canoe for river tripping and increase your awareness of river hazards and potential problems you may experience on paddling trips.
Utilize bushcraft skills and equipment such as Roycraft pack frames, wool blankets, canvas and modern tarp shelters, knifes, axes, saws, and ropework. Experiment with various ways to pitch camp along the riverbank and at our backwoods camp on Cartright Sny.
Being that its hunting season, students will be able to be part of the harvesting of waterfowl, gamebirds, and some small animals. Fishing for pike, walleye, and whitefish will also be part of our activities and students with appropriate hunting and fishing licenses will be able to help provide food for the group. Non-residents will be able to assist in field dressing and preparing harvested animals and cooking meals over the fire.

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 Hunting Camp on Cartright Sny

Canoe Basic Skills Clinic - $40

2022 Courses TBA.  Please Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Nature Alive for Updates.

Blue Ridge Recreational Area Ponds (near Whitecourt, AB) 

This fun and inspiring clinic will give you the skills to safely and confidently paddle tandem (two person canoe) boats on lakes and ponds for occasional recreational paddling.  Canoeing is often thought of as a simple, easy, and safe, however many novice paddlers quickly get into trouble when lacking the basic skills offered in this clinic. 

Fox Creek Canoe Basic Skills Clinic - 2016

Canoe Basic Skills Clinic - $35

  2022 Courses TBA

Peanut Lake - 10 minutes South of Barrhead, AB

This fun and inspiring clinic will give you the skills to safely and confidently paddle tandem (two person canoe) boats on lakes and ponds for occasional recreational paddling.  Canoeing is often thought of as a simple, easy, and safe, however many novice paddlers quickly get into trouble when lacking the basic skills offered in this clinic. 

Canoe Skills on the Athabasca River